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Tabung Nuff Saye~~ KLIK KLIK!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hi all... It has been a long longgggggggg time since my last update.. 


So.. Since I'm going back home tomorrow after 1 month suffocating in polluted air of KL, I'm thinking to write something that is some what related..

You gotta read if you wanna know....

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm the last and only daughter in family... So, you can sure say that I'm [a bit]?? spoiled.. ngeh3... However, I was raised strictly yet lovingly with my parents...

I remembered how I was [kena rotan] with my dad because I cried too loud.... But then.. I just banged my door as hard as I could and cursed him back (from inside the room of course).. After that my mom will knock the door several times,, had a peek of me from outside of the window,, promised me to buy ice cream,, and so on... 

I opened my door for her and ONLY her... I cried so long and so hard until there was no more tears that shed... But, I shall and will not speak to my dad for the rest of the day.. Folks said, "luka lama maseyh bedarah dowh"...  However, tomorrow he will talk to me VERY nicely and I'll get whatever I desired.. muahahaha... 

Last time, whenever I went to school trips, I tried to avoid from calling my mom.. This is because I shall cry if I heard her voice... hahaha.. [[maluw ai]].. It is just that I was and still sooooo soooo close with my mother.. 

This was also happened when my parents sent me to Penang Matriculation College... Although the time distance from AS to Penang is just  about 1 hours +++,, I just felt so hard to see them leaving.. [[That was the first time I studied far from home though]].. hahaha.. After they sent my bag and headed to car to leave me,, I still acted strong and waved to them with a smile on my face... The minute the car was out of sight,, my tears started rolling down the cheeks.. When I cried,, it was hard to stop.. hahaha... [[macam waterfall pon ada]].. 

The revolutionary period was when I was transferred to IPBA... ngeh3.. Maybe I was becoming more mature or already able to adapt with independent life... I no more cried when they left me although AS-KL is much further than AS-Penang.. hahaha...I should also bear in mind that someday I may go to UK which is farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr more furtherrrrrrrrrr than now for 3 long years.... huhuhu.. T_T.. 

Sometimes, life feels so hard when there is no parents to decide which route to take or to give money to spend on... haisyyy... But it is just a matter of time for me to stand on my own feet... If I was a bird,, then I already have wings and my daddy n mommy had taught me the technique to fly... Now,, it is all depend on me whether I want to walk and being hit by a car or fly high to reach the cloud... huhuhu...
All in all,,, thank u mom n dad... love u sooo much.. I can't wait to see you... **hugsss**