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Tabung Nuff Saye~~ KLIK KLIK!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

award award,, yeayy

hehehe... I am sooo excited because I had just won an award.... UUYEAAHH...

First of all.. Thank u so much MTM for giving me this award.. I know that I am new in being active as a blogger so this award actually gives me the motivation to write more to receive MORE AWARDS... yeah... Thank u.. Mwahx mwahx mwahx mwahx... hahaha... 

1.Thank & link the person that gave you the award
Mira Lee channn.. arigato neh....

2. pass this award onto bloggers you've recently discovered and think are fantastic

3. Contact said Blogs and let them know they've won the award


4. State 7 things about yourself.

1. I can smile while I am crying.. hahaha
2. I xsukew wana yellow.. Yellow2 dirty fellow
3. Love Vin Diesel ngn Aaron Aziz sbb bod mreka sgt hawt.. yeah
4. I love malaysian, thai, n western cuisine.... (semua pon muleyh)
5. I don't  eat sushi.. ew ew ew...
6. I think I am cute,, what about u?
7. Shopping is my sinful pleasure... uuuuuuuww

Tat's all 4 now,,, ngeee.. tata..

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why can't I study??

haisyy~~ I'm so worried that I still have not study anything although my final exam is really REALLY around the corner...



o plz plz plz.... I need something to level up my fighting spirits (jz like in form5)...

Exam date : 17th May 2010 - 21st Mat 2010
Current Date : 24th March 2010
Days Left : 53 days to go (1 month 3 weeks)

The things that I need to study :

1) LDS aka Language Description
- For this subject, I have to remember and MASTER all the grammar rules... I have to search, recognize, describe, give reasons and create a whole new sentence [[very technical]]

2) SS aka Social Studies
- This is the subject where I learn abt the world... And the world is HUGE!!!.. Facts, statistics, evidence, should all be within the tips of my fingers... (which is so duhhhh).. [[critical thinking is a must]]

3) ES aka English Studies
- tis is where thee needs a brain surgery... uh-huh.. Let it be novels or plays like Shakespeare (The Merchant of Venice), W. Golding (Lord of The Flies), Harper Lee (To Kill A Mockingbird) & J.B. Priestley (An Inspector Calls) or dozen of poems which I have seen and also the unseen... Owh dear... I'm in trouble.. [[challenging paper indeed]]

4) LDV aka Language Development
- I think this is the easiest subject.. hahaha.. because I don't see the need to study for this as I do not know what to study for this... =P... This paper is all about applying all the techniques and skills that I've learned in class to answer a normal English paper in examination.. yeay..!!

haaaa~~ hope I'll regain my spirit soon enough b4 the exam.. OYEAH!!


Smelly All Day?

Common daily dialog for Malaysian is...

"Panas gler hari ni beb... Basah ktiak aku"

hahaha... it is normal right since average temperature in Malaysia is around 36 - 39 deg. celcius... Wheww.. Enough to make you sweat all day right?? 

huhu~ btw this post is actually how to make the smell of your perfume to stay longer... You don't want to keep spraying like 5 times per day to smell good when you can do it ONCE right? Wasting and environmentally unhealthy.. hmm..

Tips to Keep *wink* 

1. Spray your perfume right after your shower.
Why? At this time, your pores are still open thus allowing faster absorption into the skin

2. Apply lotion before applying your perfume.
Why? Perfume lasts longer on moist skin.  It is most recommended to use the lotion of the same smell. But if you don't have a matching lotion, apply an unscented lotion

3. Spray your perfume on your pulse points (wrists, elbow, neck, between breasts, behind knee)
Why? These are the areas that produce heat to which in turn releases the scent of your perfume

4. Don't rub your wrists after applying your perfume
Why? This breaks apart the molecules that create the scent ,and will decrease the length of time your perfume lasts.

5. Apply perfume before dressing or wear jeweleries
Why? the perfume will last longer when sprayed directly on your skin instead of over clothing. Some perfumes leave indelible stains on clothing and accessories, especially synthetic fibers and pearls.

p/s 1: Your perfume is not your deodorant. So, don't 4get to swipe your 'dedo' b4 spraying as it will take away any odor from sweat, allowing your perfume to gracefully scent the remainder of your body

p/s 2 : Keeping perfumes in a dark cool place would prolong perfume shelf life.

I hope that this info shall be a good help for you. Plz do add if you have any tips that you want to share.. hugs..


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

~~~~~~~BE DELICIOUS~~~~~~~~

hey sayangness.... its been awhile yah?? huhu.. 
i know i've been a very bad girl,, a very very bad girl (must watch gaga - telephone vc) 
for not updating for monthsssssssssssss... GOMENNASAI!!

So, for this entry... i would like to introduce to you my new baby....

errrr... not her.. BUT (sila pndang bawah)

Name : DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom
Age : 1 day
Gender : Female
Date of Birth : 22 March 2010

What I think of her???
What can I say... She perfected my aura and my personalities.. hehehe...
I really love her as she has this sweet and fresh fragrance which is not too heavy like CK-Eternity nor too rich like Estee Lauder.. 
I feel like I want to hug myself when I use her.... (hehehe)
The smell is like a combo of the sweet & fresh taste of fruits and the feminine smell of flowers...
[Composition: Grapefruit, cassis, apricot, muguet, rose petals, jasmine, blond wood, and skin accords]
The smell can last for quite a long time...

p/s : I shall post ways to spray your perfume so that it can last longer in my next entry yah...
don't 4get to read...!!