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Tabung Nuff Saye~~ KLIK KLIK!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

~~~~~~~BE DELICIOUS~~~~~~~~

hey sayangness.... its been awhile yah?? huhu.. 
i know i've been a very bad girl,, a very very bad girl (must watch gaga - telephone vc) 
for not updating for monthsssssssssssss... GOMENNASAI!!

So, for this entry... i would like to introduce to you my new baby....

errrr... not her.. BUT (sila pndang bawah)

Name : DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom
Age : 1 day
Gender : Female
Date of Birth : 22 March 2010

What I think of her???
What can I say... She perfected my aura and my personalities.. hehehe...
I really love her as she has this sweet and fresh fragrance which is not too heavy like CK-Eternity nor too rich like Estee Lauder.. 
I feel like I want to hug myself when I use her.... (hehehe)
The smell is like a combo of the sweet & fresh taste of fruits and the feminine smell of flowers...
[Composition: Grapefruit, cassis, apricot, muguet, rose petals, jasmine, blond wood, and skin accords]
The smell can last for quite a long time...

p/s : I shall post ways to spray your perfume so that it can last longer in my next entry yah...
don't 4get to read...!! 


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