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Hi.. This blog is created in order to keep all the memories fresh. Life is a journey and this is mine. Enjoy reading and don't forget to post a comment or two.. love, xoxo

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Tabung Nuff Saye~~ KLIK KLIK!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Hello dear viewers. I know that I've promised you with my high school and KMPP stories, but somehow I just don't know what to write. I'm so sorry okay. I may be on hiatus for quite sometime as ASSignments are pouring in. Goodbye and hope to write soon. C ya..


Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm sorry for I'm weak

Tears of Love

I cry when I miss my family
I cry when I see my mom cries
 I cry when I say something that I shouldn't to my parents.
 I cry after I scold people because I realise that I may hurt their feelings.
 I cry if I found that I may be a burden to my family & friends
I cry if I failed to achieve my dreams
I cry because I love them so much

Tears of Hate

I cry when you misjudge me
I cry due to your false accuses
I cry because I couldn't stand your hateful glare
I cry when I hate you too much that I can't bear it anymore
I cry when I can't keep my anger no more
I cry if you can't accept me for who I am
I cry because I hate you


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How is the previous me makes the current me?

Hi peeps, we meet again..

   This is a story of a spoil youngest daughter & a cute gf. It is about me of course, this is my blog anyway.. hehe.. Let tell you a bit of history about me. I was home-born dated 19 February 1990 back in Taman Desa Kenangan, Kedah at 6.00 am. I somehow knew that my arrival was expected as I am the ONLY daughter in the family. I was and still very cute y'know. I was the youngest out of 4 siblings.

[In the picture: I was wearing red baju kurung, my eldest brother at the most left (pink baju melayu), my 2nd elder brother is the one who sat on the ground, while my 3rd elder brother is the one standing in a blue/turqoise baju melayu. The others are my dear cousins]

   My childhood revolve around my brothers and I. I have 3 brothers whom like to bully me very much as I was very small and innocent. There was one incident when I was just started to learn how to ride a bicycle. I was able to cycle HANDS-OFF the handle. So, my 3rd brother said that he could ride with his eyes close. The innocent-know-nothing-easily-impress me was very excited and I wanted to do so too. (sigh, I'm so stupid). I REALLY close my eyes and cycled happily until *ketung tang bum bum auuuu uhux wuaaaaa*. I fell into the drain (u can laugh.. =.="). LOL. I was wet and black from hair to toe. I lost my favorite slipper in the darkness and euwness of the drain water. My neighbor called my parents and he took me out of the drain.  When I was back in the house, my mom showered me and rub all the goodness of soap throughout my body. I didn't remember the smell though. Since then, I became the subject of jokes to my brothers. They also still remember the incident until now. =)..
[will upload the photo later]

   Next let me tell you another weird story when I was in standard 1. My former school was SK Sungai Korok Baru before the name change into SK Jalan Pegawai when I was in standard 4. Being 7 year old girl, I manage to have one good friend, Ain. We did a lot of things together. We played zero-point with our pinafore   to show off our cute pantie to the other girls, we used to hate boys, we wandered around the school during class hour and the most significant and cannot be understandable thing was we used to pee together. Yeah PEE. Ain and I went to the toilet together so that we could have a pee fight. Who could pee the longest? or Who could pee the farthest? Whose pee colour is brighter? and so on. This is weird. I didn't knew why we did that but it just happen. I was very close to her but in the middle of the year, she transferred to the other school. I was extremely sad. I wish I could meet you again Ain, and if you do somehow by fate read this blog, do contact me so that we could laugh at our old stories together.
[will upload the photo later]



Sunday, January 17, 2010

KAIZEN.. iyarghhhh

B4 i start let me honour the writer of the original article.... Hope u don mind i alter a bit.... hehehe~ 

KAIZEN!!!! Ahaaa~~ nak taw mnda apa kaizen ni? sekarag pon tgh bersemangat "kaizen" utk siapkan esaimen SS.. huhuhuhu

memandangkan ada yang tanya apa sebenarnya KAIZEN2 nie??? sukalah untuk saya bercerita mengenai KAIZEN.. jom kita berosmosis ilmu2 yang dimiliki.. kan sharing is caring..

KAIZEN = continuous improvement

biarpun sedikit tapi ada peningkatan dalam setiap yang dilakukan. menurut Masaaki Imai, ada beberapa peralatan a.k.a tools yang boleh digunakan dalam nak mencapai KAIZEN!! nie.. iaitu, PDCA (apakah?? ), buangkan 3M and satu lagi 5S.

P.D.C.A (Plan.Do.Check.Act)

  1. PLAN
bila kita nak meningkatkan prestasi diri, kita kenalah ada planning apa yang nak buat. Di tahun baru ni contohnya, nak berusaha belajar utk final exam nanti.

2. DO

Bila dah ada Planning, DO IT! buat mengikut apa yang di rancangkan.(ingat : Actions speak louder than words). Jadi, nak belajar tak boleh tangguh lagi. Tetapkan masa, buat jadual bila nak belajar, subjek apa nak baca. Dalam satu hari tetapkan 'aim' dan matlamat kita. Kalau weekend tu pagi2 boleh bangun awal , mandi awal dan pastikan tempat belajar anda sentiasa kemas baru ada semangat haaa. (ingat, jangan malu nak buat walaupun sikit. continuous improvement tak dinilai melalui kuantiti tapi KUALITI)


Langkah seterusnya, yang jarang orang buat ialah CHECK. Selepas setiap perancangan dah dijalankan, kita sepatutnya semak balik. betul tak planning kita tu? berbaloi tak? bagi keputusan yang positif ka negatif? jadi tak perancangan yang dirancang.adakah kita masih menjadi beruang yang berhibernasi dan malas belajar? kalau negatif, kita kena ACT!

4. ACT

bertindak untuk memperbaiki planning kita tuh, sebab mungkin kita salah rancang ataupun boleh jadi kita tak ACT dengan betul. Jadi, proses ni akan jadi macam satu kitaran. Planning baru akan bermula, kemudian Do, Check and Act. jadi, P.D.C.A ----> P.D.C.A ----> P.D.C.A ----> infinite P.D.C.A .Ni la apa yang dimaksudkan dengan PDCA.

mungkin ada yang akan menganggap benda nie macam kanak2. buat apa lah nak rancang2. selama ni ak tak pernah pun nak plan benda. tapi jadi ja. tgk, sekarang ak dah final term kat IPBA ni. Tak yah nak pening2 otak nak rancang2 nie.

TIPU! sebenarnya, antara sedar atau tidak. setiap benda yang kita fikir tu sebenarnya adalah planning kita. contohnya, kita nak lulus esaimen dan mock exam. ada tak budak2 IPBA yang goyang kaki 24/7 terutamanya masa minggu exam. tak baca buku langsung.?

Tapi, bila kita ada semangat KAIZEN!! ni dalam diri, kita akan sentiasa berusaha untuk mengupgradekan setiap applications dalam diri kita. Ada tak orang yang masih guna windows 1996? siapa lah yang nak guna sistem yang dah ketinggalan zaman, lemah, menyusahkan diri. Bila ada program, keluaran hp, ataupun games2 baru di pasaran. Semua orang kalau boleh nak pastikan dia guna yang the latest sistem. barulah orang kata apa tu, UP TO DATE. (^_^)

so, ni lah kepentingan Kaizen!!

akhir kata dari saya:

Jom BERKAIZEN rakan2!!!!



Hi all.. buat mcm rmai je org follow pdahal housemet ku jgak yg mmbaca.. hehehe.. =).. Before I start, I would like to say that I love all 5 of you very much for accepting me for who I am.. I can be rather annoying sometimes but hey u do the same too. We forgive and forget. This post is not about you but more to the other people that is judgemental or in SS term ethnocentrism which means they think that only people from their tribe is perfect while others is wrong.

I know that I may not be warm and talkative to every one because I can only share what I think to the people that think like me too. Why? If I say it to 'you' then u start to judge me. Is it because I'm not as clever as u? Hello please, so far I've passed all my exams that ever existed fairly well, BUT YOU?!! Is it because I don't read books as much as u do? Or is it because I don't dwell with other people's business like u do? Or is it because I don't study as hard as u do? Oh, please.

I know that I too sometimes make mistakes and I'm sorry for that. But I learned that people's mind does not blend with their mouth. I'm pretty sure that I'm not the most likeable person. You don't talk to me the same way to your other friends. I can see through your eyes no matter how thick your contact lenses or spectacles or even your naked eyes could be.

It is hurt though when sometimes I tried hard to blend with those people but things just don't come easy. It is hurtful enough to see all of your hateful glare and fake laugh. I gotta be strong because I can't change myself to be like you. I definitely want to change to be a person whom you'll like but maybe I better off be silent. I don't want to hurt you although you hurt me a lot. Maybe this is all my fault too. I don't want to see you shed any more tears because of me although I may do so because of you. But you'll never know, because you never care. What I did to you was far more sinned than what you did to me. Right? Because I'm no one and nobody would feel my existance or even when I'm gone.

I have a strong heart, yet fragile at the same time. I just want to live with you happily until the very last day. Whatever happens, all of you will still be remembered because you are part of my journey. I would like to apologise once more to you and you and you and all of you. I cannot be like you because I am for whom I am. Hate me or love me, I'm still gonna shine.  

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

new year new day new event

1st January 2010,

This is basically what I did on new year eve. I watched the moon eclipse at night dreaming of Jacob Black will suddenly appear in front of me (that never happen). Watched Da Vinci Code which extremely complicated and twisted but i like Angels & Demons more though. Dan Brown sure had some 'tingtong' mind. huhuuhu..

4th January 2010,

I was back in IPBA, an educational institution which i hate the surroundings not the friends. Why?? This place is stuffy with useless things and rules. Duhhhh. Idealism just exist to those who possess the power. The weaklings like me just like a mockingbird. It is a sin to kill a mockingbird y'know. =).

The class started with a few changes, physically. Some of my classmates started to wear fashionable clothes, coloured contact lenses, makeups and dresses.. WOW. What a transformation. My friends said twenty is pretty so yeahhh, I can't agree more. I can't wait to see more changes in ppl and me.. =)).

5th January 2010,

There was not much happen today. Ogy was flashing hot in her new dress that costs her RM35. Praises were hers. In the evening, Ogy, Teha and I went to KL Central to search for Ogy new shoes (budget is RM50). Nothing caught her eyes so we headed to Sg Wang. (Wheuww). Imbi? BB? Imbi? BB?

    Sg wang : BB
    Times Square : Imbi

She got her shoes for RM49.90 while Teha and I got our dresses for RM25 EACH..!!!!!!!!!!!! fyi, YES is over so yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh...!!!!!!! i'm luvin baby.

p/s: the dress is quite long for me so i might need to repair a bit... T_T.. naseb org pendek ginilah...