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Tabung Nuff Saye~~ KLIK KLIK!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm sorry for I'm weak

Tears of Love

I cry when I miss my family
I cry when I see my mom cries
 I cry when I say something that I shouldn't to my parents.
 I cry after I scold people because I realise that I may hurt their feelings.
 I cry if I found that I may be a burden to my family & friends
I cry if I failed to achieve my dreams
I cry because I love them so much

Tears of Hate

I cry when you misjudge me
I cry due to your false accuses
I cry because I couldn't stand your hateful glare
I cry when I hate you too much that I can't bear it anymore
I cry when I can't keep my anger no more
I cry if you can't accept me for who I am
I cry because I hate you



  1. its oke to cry. kekiutan ak akn trserlah bke kau nanges. muahahahaha! dah! jgn nanges da lam kls. ak terkedu t..

  2. huhu.. baek~~ td aku just mrh sgt tp xtekeluar so jd laa waterfall.. hahha.. T_T

  3. nisa,lenkali balas jer balik.bak kater mira,ckp sambil senyum.hehe..sadistic ckit

  4. tyme tu tgh mrh laa.. xmmpu nk snyum.. tp tyme nanges leh plak gelak2.. hahaha..


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