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Hi.. This blog is created in order to keep all the memories fresh. Life is a journey and this is mine. Enjoy reading and don't forget to post a comment or two.. love, xoxo

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Tabung Nuff Saye~~ KLIK KLIK!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How is the previous me makes the current me?

Hi peeps, we meet again..

   This is a story of a spoil youngest daughter & a cute gf. It is about me of course, this is my blog anyway.. hehe.. Let tell you a bit of history about me. I was home-born dated 19 February 1990 back in Taman Desa Kenangan, Kedah at 6.00 am. I somehow knew that my arrival was expected as I am the ONLY daughter in the family. I was and still very cute y'know. I was the youngest out of 4 siblings.

[In the picture: I was wearing red baju kurung, my eldest brother at the most left (pink baju melayu), my 2nd elder brother is the one who sat on the ground, while my 3rd elder brother is the one standing in a blue/turqoise baju melayu. The others are my dear cousins]

   My childhood revolve around my brothers and I. I have 3 brothers whom like to bully me very much as I was very small and innocent. There was one incident when I was just started to learn how to ride a bicycle. I was able to cycle HANDS-OFF the handle. So, my 3rd brother said that he could ride with his eyes close. The innocent-know-nothing-easily-impress me was very excited and I wanted to do so too. (sigh, I'm so stupid). I REALLY close my eyes and cycled happily until *ketung tang bum bum auuuu uhux wuaaaaa*. I fell into the drain (u can laugh.. =.="). LOL. I was wet and black from hair to toe. I lost my favorite slipper in the darkness and euwness of the drain water. My neighbor called my parents and he took me out of the drain.  When I was back in the house, my mom showered me and rub all the goodness of soap throughout my body. I didn't remember the smell though. Since then, I became the subject of jokes to my brothers. They also still remember the incident until now. =)..
[will upload the photo later]

   Next let me tell you another weird story when I was in standard 1. My former school was SK Sungai Korok Baru before the name change into SK Jalan Pegawai when I was in standard 4. Being 7 year old girl, I manage to have one good friend, Ain. We did a lot of things together. We played zero-point with our pinafore   to show off our cute pantie to the other girls, we used to hate boys, we wandered around the school during class hour and the most significant and cannot be understandable thing was we used to pee together. Yeah PEE. Ain and I went to the toilet together so that we could have a pee fight. Who could pee the longest? or Who could pee the farthest? Whose pee colour is brighter? and so on. This is weird. I didn't knew why we did that but it just happen. I was very close to her but in the middle of the year, she transferred to the other school. I was extremely sad. I wish I could meet you again Ain, and if you do somehow by fate read this blog, do contact me so that we could laugh at our old stories together.
[will upload the photo later]




  1. bengom! ade plak PEE comp! haha!

  2. hahaha~~ ni masa dajah 1 mmg bengom.. ruzel pon kata dya wat gak dulu.. hahaha.. so kira normal laa ni.. =))

  3. no wonder lah korg rumet skunk~ haha!

  4. hahaha.. berjodoh dr kecik~~


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