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Tabung Nuff Saye~~ KLIK KLIK!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010



I don't know bout this BUT I AM SUPER DUPER CURIOUS OF THIS MATTER...... plz continue reading

Is it true that "people said" this type of hairband

is actually made up of used condom.. yeah.. i repeat.. USED CONDOM!!!!


that is why springy hairband becomes famous overnight... i don;t know if this is just a propaganda... hmm

but i can't find another evident to support this but still.... i don't want to tie my hair around with that thing that may still had the DNA of the previous user... ew ew ew ew ew ew.....

if this is SO TRUE!!! then i'm really gonna wash my hair real hard and thoroughly without any single strand left...



  1. btol la cheq mek weyhhh..oloo dop cayo ko ore demo kalu dop cayo pon, bek dakyoh pkai..glew kott~ wekkk!!

  2. haha.. tula psal... gli aku ble pk yg ak tlah mengikat rmbut2 ksayangnku dgn kondomssssssssss...... awww~ dat's so uncool!!!

  3. kih4..taw xpe..wekk!! erggghhh,glew2...

  4. at first I dun care laaa sbb mnde ni jd kat china.. but in my 2nd thought hair band kte ni made in mne??? it is possible yg diimport dr china gaks.. ew ew ew


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